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6 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need Personal Brand Photography

1. Having Content To Pull From is Key

Fresh content conveniently in a folder on your desktop gives you the ability to hop onto social media and and start a conversation quickly and efficiently. It saves you time, and makes you look like the pro that you are. One professional photo shoot can capture the wide variety of expertise, skills, products, and services you offer, giving you months of content to pull from.

2. Scroll-Stoppers: Not Just Needed, They’re Necessary

We’re all guilty of quickly skimming and scrolling online. The use of eye-catching, professional quality images has become imperative. Did you know that the brain processes pictures 60,000x faster than text? Strong visual content added to each and every post will stop your audience in their scroll, giving you a major leg-up on the competition.

3. Elevates Your Credibility

When potential customers see you in action creating your product or providing your service, there is an immediate perception of professionalism. You will be identified as a trusted expert in your field.

4. There Is Deeper Power In Visual Content

Search Engines absolutely love new content. Each time you add to, or edit your website, it sends a silent “Hey, come & look” signal, causing bots to crawl your website (this is a great thing!). If, on the other hand, your site stays stagnant and unchanged, there is no reason for Google to continue to visit. That’s when your search rank begins to tumble. The secret to great SEO is new content. With some know-how from an SEO expert, several keywords can be added into each image, giving even more Google Food to boost your searchability.

5. Forms Your Brand Identity

By having your logo, colors, and quality images displayed across all platforms, a continuity forms that lends itself to your own personal brand recognition. In this age of over-saturation online, it’s more important than ever that your brand becomes identifiable at a glance. Professional photography is one of the most important components in helping you to stand out, and to build your individual brand identity.

6. Builds Customer Loyalty

Each time you post something memorable, clients are not just reminded about you, but they see that you’re thriving, and they truly want to be the first to sing your praises. Remember the “Town Crier” reference from the old printed newspaper days? When the paper boy would yell “Extra! Extra! Read All About it!”down the street?  People flocked to grab their copy. Why? Because they wanted to be the first to know the news, and also the first to share that news with their friends! Studies have shown, the two main reasons users share links on social media are:

Sharing helpful information makes users look good to their own followers.  

Being the first to share interesting or exciting news, makes users feel good.

The bottom line is, your business news, successes, tips and helpful information all need to be seen, in order for your clients to hear about it, and share it with their friends. Potential customers need a reason to stop scrolling, and your customers need to be reminded about what you offer so they can brag to their friends about your product or service. By making your brand look polished and professional, you make every client that sings your praises – look good – and feel good, as well!

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    6 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need Personal Brand Photography