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MODERN business head shots and unique content photos for your website and social media platforms. Also known as “Business Content Shoots”. These include staff head shots in your office, or a setting that directly relates to your business, as well as photos of your space, and the products you offer (if applicable). It’s important to remember that posting fresh content to your website and social media provides “Google Food” and will boost your Search Engine Optimization. Search engines favor new content first and foremost, and posting images consistently will help your rankings! In this day and age, it is SO IMPORTANT to have content to post over a period of time in order to stay RELEVANT in the eyes of your potential clients, as well.

If you’re looking for traditional business photos, I am not the right photographer for you. Why would you want photos that look the same as your competitors? If you’re looking for something more UNIQUE and AUTHENTIC, that will stand out, I invite you to peruse through the galleries below, and email me to start the conversation. I would love to work with you!