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Family Digital Rates


What’s different about our session offerings?  We do not charge session fees.  Instead, we offer a straight-forward hourly pricing concept that includes your session time and all of the resulting high resolution files, along with a print release.   We firmly believe that your session should be tailored to YOU!  There are no hidden fees or unexpected expenses will crop up later (This is often the case when pricing looks low on a photographer’s price list, but don’t be fooled, expenses get tacked on at the end.  You will not experience that here!).  You get to build your session exactly as you would like, and are only charged a simple hourly rate for the time it takes.  When you come to us, files are always included!

THE FEATURE is perfect for those who would prefer a short one hour session, with enough time for an outfit change or two.  Since time is somewhat limited, these sessions are best held at our studio where we can easily photograph in-studio and/or step right outside onto our grounds for some beautiful scenery and sets that we have created specifically for ideal lighting and outdoor portraits.  Or we can meet at a pre-planned Sun Prairie location.  This is also the base where THE SEQUEL and THE TRILOGY begin, in case you would like more for your session.

THE SEQUEL is the second hour added on to THE FEATURE SESSION.  It works well for those who have interest beyond just outfits and scenery, but would also like more time to relax and get comfortable in front of the camera.  This session can also be divided into two separate appointments to capture completely different seasons, styles, or locations. Many choose to have the first session at our studio and outdoors here, and then the second session at their location of choice.  A consultation is a great way to plan the best approach in making your ideas come to life!

THE TRILOGY is the third hour added on to THE FEATURE and THE SEQUEL SESSION.  This is an excellent choice for downtown Madison sessions, or going to further outlying locations such as the lake, etc. My personal favorite is to “take things on the road for two 1.5 hour sessions, or the full 3 hours. It’s hard to describe the fun experience of simply loading your trunk with awesome outfits and hopping in the car for an adventure!  We stop at multiple locations along the way, based on your personal style, and the session unfolds organically and naturally.  This often means randomly pulling over to the side of the road and running to a newly discovered wildflower field or dilapidated building, making this session is truly a memorable experience!  Divide this session any way you’d like, or have one full session.  As with THE SEQUEL, a consultation is highly recommended so that we can get our plan of action in place to create your session and truly enjoy your portrait experience(s)!

Please keep in mind, if we are driving to and from the studio for you and your session, it is a part of your session time. Prices subject to change without notice.