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How to Prepare | Families

How to Prepare | Families

Your clothing selections and preparation for your portrait session can make or break a beautiful image. To help aid you in selecting the proper clothing style, colors, and patterns, we provide you with some helpful guidelines that we have found work best for beautiful portraits. You will also find helpful suggestions on things that you can do before you come, to ensure an enjoyable experience at our studio.

While we do capture “traditional” family portraits from time to time, it is not our signature style. What we have come to be known for is our unique and heart-warming
“relationship style” portraits. Some things to keep in mind:

For adults, long sleeves are always recommended. The amount of skin that shows with short sleeves distracts from the face, and usually makes arms look much heavier than they really are.

For families with multiple children under the age of five, PLEASE come with an open mind. Your portraits will be captured in a photojournalistic style, with the children interacting with one another. These are always the most touching of portraits, as it will capture them as you see them at home. Teasing one another, giggling, telling secrets, and playing. Do not have expectations of a traditional portrait with everyone smiling at the camera. This is a tall order, and although it may be captured, it is not guaranteed.

When dressing your family for your session, remember that there should be some commonality among all members of the family. Similar tones of color and style of clothing should be worn by all.

Classic clothing choices will create a timeless heirloom that will not out-date itself. Denim and/or solid colors are always the best choices.

For outdoor portraits, please be sure to stick with midtones or dark colors. Even though we use the latest digital technology, whites and pastels do not photograph well in bright natural light. You will always have more of a “sun kissed” look in midtones and darks, as lighter colors tend to reflect on our skin and give a more “washed out” look.

Glasses – We have tricks to avoid glass glare. No worries!

Haircuts- are best one to two weeks before the session so there is time for it to grow in to a natural length, and also avoids a crisis if your haircut didn’t turn out as you like.

Ladies, please wear your hair and make-up as you usually do. If you have a blemish, use a tiny bit concealer, but let us do our magic in Photoshop to make them disappear on your final portraits. Jewelry is best worn in a classsic style. Statement necklaces can be beautiful, but they also become dated quite quickly. Smaller, dainty necklaces and earrings are ideal.

Guys, please use your hair products sparingly. Believe it or not, over-doing the gel will make your scalp look shiny, and hair appear thinner than it actually is. Electric razors usually cause some razor burn whenever used in the morning of. It becomes quite hard to Photoshop out.  Please either
shave the night before with your electric razor, or better yet, use a straight edge the morning-of. A great watch will make you look polished and put-together. If you’re wearing a tie, please include a tie-tack or clip.

Please plan ahead for your session, and discuss your options together so that when the day of your session arrives, you’re all on the same page, and you have a nice relaxing (and fun) portrait experience!