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Professional Newborn Photos | My Approach


Hi there!  I’ve been a newborn photographer for over a decade, and this is where my love for photography truly began. I strive to create the most calm and easy-going experience possible for newborn families, knowing that this is more than likely one of the very first ventures away from home after baby is born. With that in mind, I have developed a process, created through years of experience, that alleviates the need for a long, drawn-out appointment.

When scheduling, please keep in mind that experience has shown, time and again:  newborns are happiest and most cooperative in the morning.  We will prepare the studio environment in several ways before you arrive.  The thermostat will be set to a warm comfy temperature for baby, blankets will be warming, soft white noise and music will be playing, lighting will be dim, newborn accessories such as knit hats, delicate hairbands, cloth wraps, etc, are organized within reach, and a few other top secret details will all be in place when you arrive for your appointment.  We have all of the conveniences of home, and all of the props and preparation can be in place before you arrive.  As you can imagine, it takes a lot of “stuff” in order to give you variety in your photos, and I’ll have 2 to 3 “settings” or “scenarios” all set up and ready to go when you get to the studio.   Afterward, you get to leave the mess behind, and we take care of all the clean-up once you head home.

As I mentioned above, preparing well and setting the scene for a calm, relaxing photo shoot usually alleviates the need for an extended appointment. I’ve gotten some flack for that, from photographers who insist on 2 to 3 hour sessions.  In my opinion and proven experience:  Newborn sessions can be very taxing for a baby who is brand new to the world.  With a bit of communication and preparation on both our parts, combined with my years of experience, 40 minutes is usually the perfect amount of time that I need to capture all of baby’s sweet newborn features, without exhausting or stressing your little one.  We will take breaks, as needed, and “pause the time” of your session, should the need arise for a diaper change or feeding, so that you can tend to baby’s needs in the private nursing/changing room here in the studio, and then we pick up where we left off.

Please keep in mind that all newborns are different.  Some will curl up into sweet newborn poses, others stretch straight out and do not like to be swaddled, while yet others desperately want and need to be held for most of the session.  Please arrive with realistic expectations, and an open mind.  Baby is in charge of how the session unfolds, and I will be very sensitive to his or her cues, what baby likes or dislikes, and will photograph accordingly, to assure that he or she is comfortable, calm and as happy as possible.

It’s also helpful to have one or both parents arrive dressed in a white, black, or gray solid colored top (avoiding logos, patterns, etc),  if it happens that baby prefers to be held for most of the session.  In this case, we can still capture many beautiful images, while including mom or dad’s hands, or embrace in the photos.  These are some of my favorite images to capture!

If you have any questions, or to schedule, please call 608.318.3456, or email: info@brendaeckhardt.com.

Looking forward to  meeting you and your new little one!


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