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How to Prepare | Head Shots

How to Prepare: Business Head Shots

To help prepare for business head shots, we’ve put together some tips on selecting clothing style, colors, and patterns,  below are some helpful guidelines that we have found work best for beautiful portraits along with helpful tips for how to prepare before you arrive.  Keep in mind that the goal is for you to look polished enough to portray that you are organized and professional, yet approachable and real enough that your clients will recognize you from your website and marketing materials.

Long sleeves are always recommended. The amount of skin that shows with short sleeves distracts from the face, and usually makes arms look much heavier than they really are.

Please avoid small patterns such as polka-dots and pinstripes.  In digital imaging, these cause a “moire-effect” or “halo-ing”, as you have probably noticed from time to time when the weatherman wears the wrong tie on television.  Solids are always best.

Group portraits: It’s best to have some commonality among all members of the group by wearing similar tones or shades of color. This does not mean everyone dressing like “twinsies” in the same color, but having some harmony of colors in the same shade or tone will look well thought-out, polished and professional.

Classic clothing choices will stand the test of time.  The latest trends for ladies will likely look dated in a short time.

Glasses:  As long as your lenses are clean, we have tricks to avoid glass glare.  No worries!

Ladies:  Please wear your hair and make-up as you usually do. If you have a blemish, use a tiny bit concealer (or none at all), and let us handle it through magic of Photoshop later.

Ladies:  Jewelry is best worn in a classic style, as well. Statement necklaces can be beautiful, but they also become dated quickly.  Smaller, dainty necklaces and earrings are ideal.

Men:  Please use hair products sparingly. Believe it or not, over-doing the gel will make your scalp look shiny, and hair appear much, much thinner than it actually is.

Men:  Shaving with electric razors often causes razor burn when used the morning-of.  This can be nearly impossible to remove in Photoshop.  Please shave the night before with your electric razor so your skin has time to calm overnight. Or better yet, use a straight edge the morning-of.  If a “shadow” is your signature look, it is perfectly fine in business photos in this day and age (the most commonly asked question we receive about business head shots).

•  Men: A great watch will make you look polished and put-together. If you’re wearing a tie, please include a tie-tack or clip.

Please let us know if any questions come to mind as you prepare for picture day!


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- Kim Elton, Realtor

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