Family Photographer Sun Prairie WI | The Difference

Family Photographer Sun Prairie WI | The Difference

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There are hundreds of photographers in any given area. Any one of them can just meet you at a park and take your pictures. That’s just the reality of the time we live in. When choosing a photographer, the question really is: What’s the difference?

Let me first say that I don’t think of other photographers as competition. I wish everyone well, and only want to see the photography community grow and flourish. My head is kept low, and I only run my own race. Most of my friends are not photographers – on purpose. I never want to compare or cloud my own judgment by playing the comparison game.

So with all of that said, I can only speak of what it’s like working with me as your photographer. The main point being, it’s much more than just showing up at the park with a camera. Once you schedule, our communication begins, so that I can set you up for success. Through a few key questions, we distill down the overall personality of your family, and how you enjoy your time together. You also receive an email with helpful how to prepare info, along with how to best coordinate outfits and colors, as well.

If we haven’t arrived at an idea for the look and location together in the beginning, I get to work thinking on how I can best capture the essence of your family, and send off a few possible ideas. This family knew a simple walk through the park would tell the story of this stage in their life together.

We usually arrive at the simplest of moments. Isn’t that what life is made of?

After the session is complete, most families continue on with their walk together, stop for ice cream, grill out together, and find ways to stretch out the memory of the day. Then a couple of weeks later, an email filled pops into your inbox. with the most soulful & joyful moments.

As we’ve learned over the past few weeks, quality time together is special, but it’s also fleeting. It’s important to capture it with someone who can truly translate that intangible magic, into meaningful portraits that you’ll treasure for a lifetime!

When you and your kids think about your favorite times together, what memories come to mind? That is the story I’d love to translate into your photos!

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