About Brenda

We live in a time when anyone can pick up a camera and call themselves a photographer. I personally take the term “professional photographer” very seriously, and wear it with pride. Rather than going “all in” from the get-go, hoping things would work out 14 years ago, I began this journey very cautiously, part time, when our children were babies. Thankfully, as they grew, so did my business. When it became obvious that this was slowly growing into something bigger, I quickly got serious, and began to study under several very kind and extremely talented photographers. If I loved their work and business model, I was reaching out to them. At every opportunity that family life allowed, I worked incredibly hard to better my talent and myself. Once our children became school-aged, business completely sky-rocketed, and the studio was moved out of our basement and into the gorgeous 1600 sq ft studio that I photograph from today. Had I not had that incredible hunger to learn at every step of the way, I would not have the success I have today.

I’ve watched droves of photographers come and go, and remain successful, as one of the most sought-after photographers in Southern Wisconsin. Clients do regularly travel from out of state for sessions, and our team here is growing. The secret to this success has been a willingness to swallow my pride and reinvent myself, based on client needs. I could care less what other photographers do, or how they do it. Instead, I listen intently and ask a lot of questions about what clients REALLY want from a professional photographer. It’s of highest importance, especially as technology and social media changes the game almost daily. That, in combination with a genuine love of people, creates a personalized experience that yields gorgeous results. Consultations are one of my favorite stages in the process, hearing more about a client’s personality, interests, what they love most in life, what their hopes are, not only for the look and style of their portraits, but also what they want out of this process in the end.

Another huge part of who I am, comes from loss. My life has included much more loss of loved ones than my age should allow, beginning with 2 of my 3 brothers at age 21, and the list goes on from there, giving purpose and value to what I do: To genuinely serve your family in the best way I can, with my real and whole heart.

This year will be a unique one for my own family, as our oldest graduates high school and heads off to college. For senior clients, I know well the style of work your son or daughter will love, but can now also see the process through the eyes of a mom, who is experiencing all the bittersweetness that comes along with this stage.

For families, it makes it real to see before my eyes how fleeting time is. It’s hard to convey the fun experience we have at our sessions, the memories of the day that you will share with your family, significant other, son, or daughter. It’s special, and important, and I would be honored to capture this moment in time for you!