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I'm Brenda, a Madison Wisconsin area Photographer and Visual Marketer. I photograph families, high school seniors, and brands.
On the family & senior photography side, I translate your unique talents, style, and what you love most, into cherished photos that you'll treasure for a lifetime. Most of my sessions have an element of adventure, and often feel like we're going on a journey together. Whether it be here at the studio, utilizing beautiful lighting and all our backgrounds that lean toward an Anthropologie/Urban Outfitters catalog vibe....or outdoors walking in a nearby nature preserve, letting the perfect moments, expressions, and settings find us along the way.

On the Social Media & Visual Marketing side, I help entrepreneurs optimize online platforms and grow a strong following through social media. Believe it or not, there's also an element of fun and adventure, as I learn about your business, and how I can bring more foot traffic and revenue through your digital and physical door steps. Seeing your work through my eyes, as it rolls out onto your Google, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, transforms the overwhelm you currently feel, into an enjoyable much-needed relief!

I'd share with you that I've been voted Madison's Favorite, Sun Prairie's Best, with work published locally & nationally, but here's what really matters...

Thanks to a loyal following and a ton of hard work - this year marks 16 years in business.

Photography is an industry where only 15% survive into their 3rd year. Please read the previous sentence again. The key element to my continued success is the extensive knowledge I've learned along the way, to maximize organic reach, and stay in front of what's coming around the corner in ever-changing online world.

I'd love to the opportunity to talk with you more, and am one of those rare people who loves a great phone conversation. If you're more comfortable with text or email, that's totally fine, as well! My contact info is at the bottom of this screen.

Looking forward to working with you, and helping to translate your life and work into something beautiful and memorable!




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