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The Confidence Project

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What IS the Confidence Project?

The Confidence Project is a photo study that started with six high school senior girls, willing to have photos taken in simple jeans & a white t-shirt, without makeup and minimal hair styling.

While taking the first photos in the project, Brenda realized that this study was taking on a life of it’s own, turning into something bigger and more important. Having a pre-teen daughter of her own, who had recently had her confidence shaken, these photos hit a sensitive spot.

She now connects  17- and 18-year-old teens through photography, as positive role models to a younger, impressionable audience, who so emulates them. Instead of shining more light on the drama, negativity, and bullying, that has become so prevalent, and often accepted among girls, Brenda wanted to shine that light in a different direction – that there is empowerment in knowing your own strength while being confident and unapologetically yourself.

What started out as a study in natural beauty, ended up being:

The Confidence Project.

All of our teen & pre-teen clients are welcome to schedule a free, additional 10 minute photo shoot (separate from your senior photo appt), to participate in this inspiring photo study.

Please arrive to your Confidence Project photo shoot with:

-White t-shirt


-0 makeup

-0 hair product

-Very minimal hair styling

– A short inspiring quote to write on your hand when you arrive (we provide the Sharpie Pens)

-Your beaming, CONFIDENT smile!

Be ready to inspire!

This is an on-going project, that I work on as I have time  between regular clients. Free 10 minute sessions will be announced sporadically, exclusively through our Facebook Fan Page.  If you’d like to participate, email info@brendaeckhardt.com with your name and a few details about why this means something to you.  We’ll get in touch with you to schedule, as openings come available. We would love for you to be a part of it!


So what inspired me to do this?  Why did I create The Confidence Project?  Watch this video, to find out!



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