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Waunakee WI Senior Picture Photographer

Waunakee WI Senior Picture Photographer;prom dress pictures;madison wi prom senior photography

Such a stunning dress, and her smile is seriously like sunshine! It was a warm, humid, and mosquito-ey morning, but you would never know looking at her! Sometimes the elements can become a challenge, and my experience has shown me how to make the best of it, and also when to make the judgment call if a reschedule is best. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible, and we also want our camera equipment to be in great working condition for you! Thankfully the weather on this day leaned more toward the good side than the reschedule side. When the dew point goes into the uncomfortable zone, and humidity is way up, camera lenses can fog up just like eyeglasses. Only thing is, they don’t unfog until you go back into air conditioning! 🙂 So glad we didn’t have to worry about it for Chloe! It is a topic that often comes up though, as the dog days of summer are soon to set in. During those times, I’m in close communication with clients, keeping a close eye on the weather, and if decisions need to made, I take the stress off, and make the best judgment call possible based on 15 years of experience. Here’s hoping for a gorgeous day on your picture day! Hope I get to work with you soon!

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