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Guys | What To Wear Senior Portraits

Hey Guys! Here are a few helpful tips about how to prepare, and what to bring to your senior photo shoot:


For the love of all things, please do not use an electric razor for a day or two before your session.  It’s super tough to Photoshop out the rash that comes from an electric razor.  A straight-edge used a few hours before your appointment is recommended, for a clean-shaven look.  If you have a goatee, or a little facial hair is your signature style, please have it trimmed nicely, and make sure your mom or dad approves of your look for that day (if the ‘rent ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!).  This is important:  If you have a bit of a “baby face”, you may want to consider allowing little bit of second or third day gruff to grow in. A bit of stubble can look good in photos.  It adds some toughness, and helps you to look more your age.


Solid colored shirts, in medium or primary tones (aqua, royal blue, maroon, cardinal red, etc) are best.  Neon and light colors do not photograph as well, and often cause a reflection of that particular color, on your chin and cheeks, that is nearly impossible to remove.

Here are the core 4. The go-to outfits for senior guys:

-Favorite t-shirt (even if it is very worn) & jeans or shorts, for some photos that
are very casual, and very you.

-An outfit that you would wear to impress a special someone, on a first date. (I know, embarrassing, but I bet you immediately pictured what you would wear). Not too dressy (you wouldn’t want to look like you’re trying too hard), yet not slovenly (like you just fell out of bed)! Usually this is a nice polo shirt, or dress shirt with sleeves rolled-up, and shorts/jeans/khakis.

-Mom or dad’s favorite.  Let them choose.  This could be a baseball cap & t-shirt, or a suit & tie.  Since they’re probably paying for your senior pics, they get to pic one outfit! 🙂

-Your sport. If you’re a sports fan, this could be as simple as a Packer or Badger jersey (or Viking or Bears, idc!).  If you’re an athlete, please bring everything that you need to step on the court or field.  This includes eye black, hockey stick, football, hockey gear, etc.  Everything that you would actually need to play.  Please try to plan ahead, contact your coach, and try to get a hold of your jersey (or any jersey). Coaches have gone to great lengths in the past, to get jerseys out for senior pics.  They know that this is once in a lifetime!  If not, make sure you say that in your text/voice mail/email!  Because it is.  You only have your senior pics taken once, and we want them to be completely you!


Please bring 1 pr of tennis shoes, 1 pr of summer shoes (sandals, loafers, etc, if you wear them), and one pair of dress shoes.  If you’re planning on doing a few sports photos, dirty, muddy cleats or shoes are preferred!  We don’t want it to look like you’ve never played.  You’re a seasoned athlete!


If you happen to have a breakout on the day of your photo shoot, no need to reschedule, or use any product. I can easily take care care of it in photoshop.


Please schedule your haircut appt about 2 weeks before your senior pics.  This allows your hair to grow in a bit to a natural length.

If you use hair product, please use it very lightly on the day of your photos.  Gels, sprays and pomades look incredible in guys’ hair.  I do recommend using something to keep your style, but please use it sparingly. 

If you feel completely lost, even after reading all of this, please don’t stress. Just grab a bunch of options and bring them along. We’ll make a plan when you arrive on the day of your photo appt.

Our Pinterest pinboards are another great way to look for ideas & inspiration!

See you soon!



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